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At its core FOX n FORESTS is a 2D action platformer with challenging levels and gut-busting enemies. In addition to that rewarding RPG elements and a clever season switch mechanic create a lasting experience with depth.

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In FOX n FORESTS every level is a unique experience!

You can switch between two pre-defined seasons per level, changing the world and its environments in 3 major ways:

  • Weather!
  • Plants!
  • Animals!

Deep waters in Summer can only be crossed when frozen solid in Winter, wind- and watermills in secret mines and on stormy hills can be brought to life, vanishing fog on a graveyard will make nightmares appear and of course all sorts of growing and wilting plants as well as responsive wildlife will affect your action-packed adventure.

On top of that the season can only be switched for a limited amount of time, so sometimes you need to hurry up to cross a lake or get up that giant vine. But do not worry, once your season meter runs out it recharges quickly and automatically.

Power is nothing without control!


An evil force is messing around with the seasons in the vast mana woodlands and is building an army of tree like creatures and half-plant half-animal mutants. Its plan is to introduce a mysterious, deadly 5th time of a year. Wandering through the dense forests, looking for winged prey our reckless hero Rick the Fox could not care less, until he meets Patty the Partridge. On behalf of the rather remarkable Guardian Tree she begs him for help, promising gold in reward and a magic melee crossbow as a powerful weapon to defeat evil.

“Ha, I will outfox them! First earn this gold, then snatch the crossbow and finally swallow that annoying bird!” clever Rick is thinking while following Patty into the deep forests, not knowing what epic adventures lie in front of them, in this thrilling furry tail of change.


DeveloperBonus Level Entertainment
Genre2D Action Platformer
FormatsPC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch
Player1 player
ReleaseMay 17. 2018
PriceUSD/EUR 19,99
DistributionDigital Download
AgeE for Everyone, USK 6+, PEGI 7, OFLC PG (tbc)
Press KitDownload here


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